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my name is Menno, I’m a master graphic design student. For my masters i’m working around identity. Therefore i’ve made a 3D scan of myself.

Here’s where my problem starts, i’m a super noob in blender.
I’m trying to make the scan ready for animation, i’ve already made the rig, but now i’m working on the eyes.
Because it’s a scan I had to delete the part where the eyes were so i can replace them with realistic modeled eyes.The problem is, the eyes don’t fit the socket, there’s always some holes on the edges, so i’m trying to model the eyelids, because that’s the part i deleted from the mesh. But it’s going so all so slow…

My question is, if someone can help me personally, i really want to learn, but i’m loosing a lot of time by being a noob. I’ve already learned a lot, but I need to be able to show results in school… The things i want to do are probably super easy for someone who’s experienced in blender. So, is there anyone experienced in realistic human 3D modeling who is willing to help me with these last things?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t know how much time you’re working with, but the proper way to go about this would be to construct an optimized low poly mesh on top of your original mesh, using the retopo tools. then you bake the normal and textures from your high poly mesh to the low poly one. before you attempt this, look into proper edge flow for animated head models. there is definitely a method to it. say something if you need more direction.

Check in the weight paint mode of the model if its missing any areas where your armature is been assigned to deform.

Sometimes its hard to see little points missing the weights.

Thank you for aswering,

i think i’ll try to search how to do that, indeed the mesh is to complicated to properly work on for me.
I’ll let you know how it goes.

Kind regards

Thank you 123ERTYY

Hi, still not alot of progress on the eyelids.

Also the eyes stay dark.

I’ve used this tutorial for modeling:

and this one for the nodes, and textures and so.

Must say I’m losing my mind on this, I want to start on my masterproject using the model… so I’m still looking for someone who can help me out/has the time with modeling the eyelids to make them realistic, and so I can place the eyes in the eye sockets without having holes around them…

Thanks in advance.

use the retopo tools to snap the eyelid vertexes to the eyes, then use alt S ( scale along normal ) to put them just above the surface.