modeling help

I want something like this (3dsmax) to do inside blender
video example link:

what I need is array one mesh onto each polygon of another mesh.

any idea?
sample scene attached


Easy, activate the “tissue” addon, it´s part of the latest blender release. :wink:



DM9 thanks for this addon info but I have some errors. I’m blender beginer and maybe I’m doing something wrong.
I attached sample scene here.
I just need to apply pattern objest on each face (exact scale) of base mesh object.

can somebody help please???

thanks so much.

Attachments (3.17 MB)

Those are all windows, right? - To be honest, I would just copy all of the windows as linked duplicates, because if you use tissue to do the job for you, you will end up with millions of individual polygons, since the base element is already 100.000 polys.
Depending on how close you will be to the windows in the final scene, I would actually use an opacity map instead of geometry to keep the scene as fast as possible. Only model the one window you will have a closeup of eventually.

yep, all the windows…
sure I understand due to scene optimization BUT acutally main scene is not blender scene and I need it as geometry because of lot of cameras in the main scene around main building…
So I need any automated copy solution that can be exported as geometry as OBJ or FBX … and in the main scene I’ll remove all unvisible parts per camera view. thanks.

You can also replace the mesh data of the simple planes with the pattern. To do this select the plane, go to the object data tab and click the icon next to the objects name. Choose the pattern and it will replace the geometry. - No clue if you can do that automatically for all the faces, but this should save you some time at least. :wink:

this might help also, do I need to unmerge each face to separate object before that?

It´s one object? - You can part all elements with P in edit mode, select “by loose parts”. Set all origins to the new objects. The orientation will probably be wrong on the 90° turned ones though.

Not sure why Tissue wouldn´t work actually? First select the pattern, then the windows and hit tesselate in tissue. It will tell you how many polygons it will create, if you feel confident your computer can handle it, hit OK. :wink:

Your model had tons of doubles. Also highly structured, so you can use mirrors and arrays. All you need is this corner:

That takes it down to 237kB from 12 MB (two orders of magnitude isn’t bad!) and 27k faces.
Here’s the Blender file source: Lattice_scene.blend (236 KB)
Using dupli faces I got it nearly all the rest of the way. You’ll have to make the duplicates real and manually rotate some of them 90deg around Z, but this should get you most of the way there.
Beautiful latticework, btw. Obligatory beauty render.