Modeling Hulk with a problem

Hello there , i started modeling Hulk but i got a problem , and i don’t know if this the right section to write this , so my problem is i was using the mirror modifier , but so how it disappeared (Mirror - all modifier section at the right - and the grid under it’s feet) , so i exported it to obj file and imported it to blender again so what happened is i got back the modifier section but i lost the mirror and something else happened that when i am entering the edit mode the wires around the project when i select it got blue not black so i can’t look normal to it , it’s hurting my eyes ! i can send you the files if you want ! and here is the two photos , when i lost the modifier and grid etc… and another with the new export and import, in the second photo you will see the grid and the modifiers has returned but the mirror is not …
note : i tried shift + spacebar , changing between default and 3d full view and and , and tried restore factory settings
but the (restore factory settings) when i choose it , it is restoring all what i want but removing my project !!!
any solution ?

check if there is a autosaved version in your temp file and see if it still has the mirror modifier
but might be too late !

happy bl

the blue lines happen when u use sharp edges… just go to edit mode, hit a to select all , then ctrl E , and just select clear sharp it will disapear.

the proprieties window is gone away because you had change the screen layout ( in the upper left side of blender) from “default” to “3d view full” set it to “default” to restore it. The grid is gone because in “3d view full” the option “only render” is activated. press N and in the right panel deselect “only render”
Sorry for my bad english

thank you a lot guys, it all worked perfectly :slight_smile: