modeling human ear?

Hi. Where can I find a good tutorial on modeling a human ear? Thanks.


Google for the famous “Joan of Arc” tutorial – It has a whole section on modelling th ear. Not blender specific but I had no trouble following it while using blender.

Hope this helps,

Hmm… I have no links for you, but just some advice. Experience will help you more than tutorials. Your artistic ability is a great aide too, being able to note details and apply them.

My first models were always of myself because I could just get a mirror and see exactly what was supposed to be there. Initially they were very bad, but got better over time.

Tutorials help sometimes, but you shouldn’t limit yourself to just learning from tuts. They’re just pictures of what you can see with your eyes in the real world.

I hope these will get you on your way: page 11/12

offtopic:/ Is there a way to have a link “say” something else, than where it’s pointing to?

put the url within the url tag. is described in the field underneath the buttons for url, img, etc… - simply hold the mouse over the url button and the line should change with an explanation (works on IE, Opera…)


[url=http://address]link text[/url]