Modeling Human - mesh, texturing, lighting, hair, clothes, armature

Hi everyone!

I’m new here in forum and I have started using blender month or two ago. Before that I have used 3DSMAX4 but without so good results I get with blender. Maybe it’s so large program and my english isn’t so good that it’s diffucult for me.

I’m going to model human and now I’m working on head. It’s shape is ready now. Also lips and eyes are ready. Next I’m going to model ear and after that neck and torso.

Here’s what I have got this far(great thxs for TorQ’s excellent face tutorial! :)):

The head is a little to pointy to make me think “human”. Reminds me more of some alien. It’ll also look much better if you UV map it.

Looks a bit like a combination of Modiglani and West African masks. You seem to have a sharp ridge on the nose and the lips come to a point as well. Was this what you wanted?

Actually it’s directly modelled from Pharaoh Akhenaten’s statue pictures and he was a quite alien looking guy… :wink: Especially with his alonged head.

That sharp ridge is there because of mirror modifier that I haven’t applied yet. I apply it after I have done head and torso ready.