Modeling (Human) Process

I just bought the book: Game Modeling Using Low Polygon techniques, and I’m having a hard time understanding the concepts in it.
So far I’ve deducted that you:
1)Trace the side of the character
2)Extrude the outline to half the character’s width (to mirror later)
3)Move vertices to match the front view of character
…then I get stuck, and my model comes no where near looking like the model in the book.

How do I get past that part without having the character looking blocky?

the one resource that taught me how to model, basically bringing me from terrible to moderately good, was the the online video tutorial, about modelling Adrianna… i’ll try to find it for you. i know it’s somewhere linked on blendernation, but i’d def reccommend it for learning to model organically.


check out the links here :slight_smile:

The process you’re learning from that book does not seem to be a good one. I’d take a look at these two sites: Ben Mathis and Oto the Cleaner. Ben Mathis models in 3dsMax, but the techniques are similar to what you would do in Blender. Oto models in Blender, so the tools and keystrokes are the same. Even though Oto says his tutorials are old and outmoded, they are still good to start with to learn workflow and technique.

many times i end up modeling people from circles and then extruding them (each appendage and such). and moving verts and such. but i havent had amazing results yet. probably because im still a noob