Modeling Humans?

I am new to Blender. I am wanting to model my humanoids on Kepler Bb. I have heard that this is a good 3D modeling software. I know how to draw in programs such as Paint. But 3D modeling, I have no clue. And I looked at the tutorials and they don’t seem to be of any help.

So Anyway, my 3D drawing ambition is to draw my 3 main Kepler Bb characters in different stages of their lives. I think I will start with Robin in his muscular, adult stage. Then maybe Lisa before and during pregnancy. Then Alma as she goes through her major stages including when she is pressured to become muscular.

Now later on, I might actually do animation but for now, I will do 3D modeling.

Is there an easy way I can make a 3D model of a human without having to use the MakeHuman extension? If not, could you at least help me figure out how to make the different body parts and how to show muscles? I think I know how to color things in blender.

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What you are asking is a pretty long process and it will need from you some patience, since you know how to draw it actually a plus.
When you said muscular character i believe this should help

The process highlighted: Dyntopo -> retopo -> multires -> paint -> rig -> animation.

more question please feel free to ask :slight_smile:

Not really. As a subject for 3D modeling and animation it can be one of the most complex, particularly if you are not aiming for a highly stylized approach, often called “cartoony.” You will need a strong base of anatomy knowledge, and then learn to extend that from 2D to 3D, not a simple transition – it takes a lot of practice with modeling to learn a very new set of tools that can be highly technical compared to 2D digital work. There are tutorials out there, but if “they don’t seem to be any help,” your only recourse is to jump in and start learning what 3D modeling can do, then start to apply that to your own concepts. Do not expect it to happen fast & easy. I’ve been doing 3D work since 1992 and I’m still learning.

I myself learning just that… and it is huge… if you want to make a human from scratch, you need to learn to sculpt, then to make a re-topology, a rigging system, the textures, the hair… not a sort or easy way. And I suppose you want clothes…
If you want shortcuts, you can try also this: it is a addon for blender,similar to make human. but what is the fun in that haha