Modeling in Mirror Mode?

I’ve been reading a few tutorials, and it seems that there is a setting where you can model one side of a mesh and create a mirror image on the opposite side. How do you do this?

Model half your mesh. Ie 1/2 a head, 1/2 a car etc.

In edit mode, select the row of verts which will be the middle of the joined mesh.
Press SHIFT+S to open the snap menu, select cursor to selection.
Now select all verts in the mesh, A key.
In the header bar for the 3d window, change the rotation/scaling pivot point to the 3d cursor.
Duplicate the verts by pressing SHIFT+D, then right click to cancel moving the new verts.
Press M to open mirror menu, select X local if in front view or y or z depending how you want to mirror.
Reselect all verts and press W to open edit menu, select rem doubles to join both sides of the mesh.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the quick response. I was familiar with that method, but if you look at the tutes halfway down this page:

it looks like the left and right sides of the meshes are being modeled simultaneously and that’s what I’m interested in. Am I just looking at it wrong.

That is the method he uses, he’s not saying when he’s using it that’s all.

He is modeling only one side of the head from a cube, then deleting the unedited side and mirroring the mesh.


If you copy an object with alt-d the two objects meshes are linked, editing one changes the other. If you mirror one of the objects you can do mirror modeling.


Thanks. I am a big fan of your tutorials. I hope you decide to make some others.

This how I start a mirrored model:

  1. In edit mode, rough in the basic shape, such as a head or a torso.
  2. Add an edge loop roughly down the middle with CTRL-R.
  3. Select all the verts to the left of this bilateral symmetry line (but not the line itself) with the BKEY and delete them (x > delete vertices).
  4. TABKEY to get to object mode.
  5. ALT-D to duplicate with linking (also spacebar > Edit > Duplicate Linked).
  6. Without moving your mouse, ENTER. This will keep your new linked object in the same position as you original.
  7. In front view position your cursor along the symmetry line (the left edge of you half-model).
  8. With your linked copy still selected, CTRL-M to mirror it. Select the X axis option.
  9. Zoom in on the central line, the two halves are probably not aligned right now.
  10. GKEY and XKEY to move the left half so that the identical central lines match as closely as possible.
  11. Select the right half object (it doesn’t matter which, but it is easier to access the right side view so I work on the right side model). TABKEY to edit.
  12. Move something and the same vert on the left side moves, too.
  13. When modeling, try to not move any verts on the central line in the x direction, be especially careful when using the scale command.
  14. Model away.
  15. When you are ready to stitch up your halves into one model, enter object mode and delete the left half.
  16. Then follow sonix’s intstructions above to stitch it up.


Thaks to everyone. I knew there had to be an easir way to model symmetrically.