Modeling inside

I’m modeling a passenger bus from the driver’s perspective and point/s of view with a view to making the final into a game.
How do I make th camera ‘see’ in a different aspect ratio like the human eyes, about 5 wide x 1.5 high so that the whole windscreen can be seen and part of the driver’s side window and external rear view mirror.
How can I have he internal rear view mirror adequately reflect all the passengers and the rear window.
I have tried scaling the bus and even altered the x,y,z to get a reasonable view but it distorts.

I am stumped and would appreciate help please.

try pressing 5 on the numpad, (make sure your numpad light is on)

You might try mapping an env map instead of a raytraced reflection. These are faster to render and a little easier to manipulate or you could just UV map an image of the rearview onto the mirror surface. (these are only options if you don’t plan to animate)

As for the aspect ratio that is set under the render properies along with image size.