Modeling Issue - objects moving on "undo"

I am a fairly fresh noob to Blender, and it’s being mean to me.

I am modeling a globe-style grid, pretty basic stuff, and whenever I hit ctrl-Z to undo, all of the objects that make up my globe place themselves flat along the Z/Y plane. None of the other objects in the stage move, just the globe. (All of the globe lines were originally duplicated from each other if that helps.)

I realize the problem is probably between the keyboard and the chair, so any help with this issue would be much appreicated, and may prevent a premature death from smashing my head into the computer.

To sum it up, this is what I’m trying to get:

and here’s what happens whenever I hit Undo:

Thanks in advance!!

Just hit letter U to undo in edit mode. Cntl z is (I Think-havent checked) aligning everything onto the z-axis.

Yep that’s the trouble. Thanks for your help! I figured it was user-error. Curse my Adobe-trained keyboard commands!

Is there no “Undo” command in Object mode? And if the “Snap to Z” does happen, is there a way to go back? Even when I go back to a previously saved file everything is magically snapped to Z.

Well its weird- I just tried cntrl+z and it does do an ‘undo’ I then made a few changes on an object, in object mode cntrl+z undid all the modelling steps at once! U does single step undo in edit mode, in object mode it does a ‘make single user’ as expected. What OS are you on littleblue?

I’m unfortunately on a Windows XP system, and I’m using Blender 2.42a.

I’m rather stumped as to what the problem may be, and have found myself rebuilding this friggin’ globe many-a-time. The weirdest thing is that even when I go back to a previously saved file all of the objects have been moved. I tried saving frequently so I can go back, but that doesn’t help because everything has been repositioned when I open up those files too.

Is it possible this is a quirk in Blender or is there any user-error that could be causing this? Thanks much for your help.

I would be happy to look at the blend file if you would like to post a link or send it. I am on XP Also.

I may have found a successful workaround. I had been moving the objects in object mode, so I positioned each object from within Edit mode, keeping their (insert proper name for that-little-mystical-purple-dot-that-is-the-center-of-the-object here) in the dead-center. Now when the objects snap like that, they are already positioned correctly. I’m a little scared of what animating will be like after that hack of a workaround, but I will soon see.

Roy, I will PM you a link to my .blend file. I appreciate you taking a look at it. I unfortunately have a deadline (not the best way to learn Blender) and have proceeded on the project. Any help you can give me is very appreciated, but probably won’t help me with this particular project.

Thanks very much!