Modeling Lightbulb. Got noob questions.

Hi All.
I am modeling light bulb and stuck at glass part. Using curves i did lightbulb profile and spinned it. Check render, it looks like loupe=) Now am trying to make it hollow like real one, but no luck. Could you please explain me how can make it hollow?

Thank in advance.


lightbulb1.blend (155 KB)


When you created your profile, you could have created the inside of the bulb at the same time as the outside.

Another way of doing it:
Select your bulb. Enter edit mode. Select all. Shift-D duplicate it, right mouse click so you don’t move the duplicate. Alt-S shrink it a bit to make the inside. Flip normals on the selected interior. You now have a hollow bulb. You’ll also need to increase the ray transparency depth settings in your material to let the light pass all the way through the bulb.

Thanks it worked, i almost done modeling. Now i need to make spiral and wires. How can i make them? Extruding cylinder?



Create a profile of the screw thread, then use the screw tool:

You’ll need to do a bit of manual work to complete the rest of the base but nothing complex.

For the wire you could extrude a cylinder or you could use a curve modifier ( on a long cylinder with plenty of subdivisions.

Modeling is done i think, only material tweaking left.


Could anybody explain me how to fix these artifacts(black thing) please? Normals are correct i think. - unzip first, then rename to *.blend.

Attachments (583 KB)

Looks like you have some doubled up verts there. In Edit mode, select all and use W / Remover Doubles. Then Ctrl-N to recalculate normals. See if that helps any.

I deleted duplicated verts, but another artifacts appeared - subsurf deformated cylinder to somthing weird. I extruded top faces a bit, to fix subsurf deformation, and the first artifact appeared again.