modeling liquid not using fluid simulator.

Im working on a water/sports bottel type thing and im trying to get some really weird red foaming liquid in the bottle.
but i have literally NO idea how to model either liquid, adding foam, or adding bubbles inside the liquid to make it seem carbonated.

any help would be greatly appreciated. or if there is a tut out there i missed that would be cool too.

try using Ocean Modifier
or may be dynamic painting

happy 2.6

For modeling the fluid with a simulator, you may have some luck with metaballs. Worst case, you start with metaballs, convert to a mesh and the sculpt to refinement. For your foam and bubbles, it really depends on what you’re trying to do. If they’re supposed to be moving and animated, particles may be the way to go. However, if it’s a static shot (or the liquid is far enough away from the camera), you can probably get away with a simple texture.

just remember there is a BSOD PDF tut on material or physic that explain how to make some fluid with metaballs

check out the wiki tut for this


sorry should have mentioned, its not animated it’s a still image.

But thanks I’ll try the metal balls.

Meta worked. thanks guys.