modeling liquid

hello, everyone. i’ve a bit of a problem here. i’m a Wings/Blender/Yafray person, though i’m not really good at any of them yet. i’ve modeled a glass/bottle - basically a container. how do i put liquid inside? i’m quite sure that when rendering, the liquid will have a different material than tha container, and i can’t model all containers using the spin tool, so i can’t just clone the base curve then create a new object based on it. hope i’m making some sense here. your help is much appreciated.

Press the particle button, then u’ll see a window called liquid~ press that.
You can also google for liquid tutorials

Abel - you’re describing Fluid Simulation, and I don’t believe that’s what he’s after.

antiguy - It sounds like you want to ‘fill’ (in a non-animated/simulated way) a container which has an irregular shape. To do this you need to employ a special kind of scale function.

  1. Make a copy of the container mesh you’ve modeled.
  2. In Edit mode, select all vertices>press Alt+S>move the mouse to adjust the amount.
  3. Delete all parts of the new ‘liquid’ mesh (usually some portion of the top) that will be empty space in the container.

That’s it . . . you’ve just scaled along normals to get a ‘skinnier’ version of your original mesh. But if you do happen to want animated/simulated fluids, some quick searching of this forum and the online manual will help you.


Either works =)

yea they both work but Cire’s way is faster to make and to render. Though if you don’t know fluid simulation its something fun you should look into.