Modeling Living things

I need tutorilas on how to model living things most likely a human. Any would do. I also need it to be very detailed.

lol. Joan of Arc.

Yeah, thats the original…or at least one o the best

So does anybody have any tutorials for me?:eek:

Google - joan of arc 3d
on the first page
or search here on blender artists- joan of arc
SEARCH some you will find some thing
I didn’t even type any thing except 3d into the google search I just copy and past from the posts after you:rolleyes:.

Thanks a lot but you have anything else like making feet.

Company2, we are giving you leads. shr1k showed you that “Google is your friend.”

Your assignment now is to show us we are not wasting our time by giving you guidance: use google to find detailed tutorials on making feet (there are some good ones out there), and then post a link here. Give to get.

Here you go I think that is it but what I meant to ask was how to do I model a man?:confused::cool:\

If this doesn’t work look at this

Neither OTO’s model of Druuna nor the Wiki book section on mesh modeling tools will help you much with modeling feet? or men? whichever it is. BTW, your links have too many "http"s in them, so they don’t work.

How do you model a man? You use google to find a tutorial on modeling a man using 3D modeling software, you follow the tutorial, you learn from it, then you model a man. You needen’t limit yourself to Blender tutorials, since most of the major 3D programs use polygon modeling and the principles (but not the keystrokes) are the same.

Remember: feed a man a fish, and he eats for a day. Slap a man upside the head with a fish, and he just gets covered with fish slime. :smiley:

Thanks for the help and thanks I was wondering why it didn’t come up.