modeling low poly people

hey just a quick question how is the best way to attach arms and legs so they dont get deformed with armatures and how should legs be attackhed to the body becouse they arnt attached to a flat bit on the bottom of the body? are they?


I’ve been asking the same question all my life from myself…

I always use three edge loops like so…

That’s not a perfect example, but you can see how they’re basically shaped.

Parent all three of the joint loops to both the main bone and the lower one. This way all of them will deform properly when you do the weight painting.

hey they looks really good can you explain in a bit more detail as of what 3 loops are?

A loop is a circle or a curve that conforms to the shape of an object not just in shape, but in the curves… You can see that mine are just extruded circles which were then sized and shaped to fit the body in that particular place.

:wink: Hmm, just curious. How many polys is that model?

When I have time, I seriously have to practice modeling low poly humans. Lol, or I could just stick to the funny way I model that seems a bit too chunky. Where did you learn how to model like that shbaz? Any links?

Jason Lin