Modeling metal tiles on sphere

How can I model this and what should I type to google it

Arrow 1 : I can model this rounded circle but how can I merge it with the main shape perfectly and add this deep line around it without spoiling the main shape?

how can I add those metal tiles around the basic shape with those lines in arrow number3?

You can use shrink wrap modifier over a shere combined with solidify after shrink wrap and create subdivided plans wrapped on the surface in edit mode.

Knife Project is a solution for this and then refine the edges with bevel (as well as with the straight ones). But if you are not familiar with the typical hardsurface workflow, you will quickly get new problems.

Not sure if you can actually use this but I was approaching it by using the circle option from loop tools add-on for the round / circular areas first, using a uv sphere. From there, I started to think about sectioning off the panel areas and extruding them to get the depth of that groove between the plating. Anyway, after that, I started getting carried away and a bit sloppy. A lot of manual tweaking after bevelling edges, merging vertices, etc…

So not sure my file is really teaching you anything, but I think it’s in the right direction.

Cheers and good luck. Ship_Model.blend (2.6 MB)

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