Modeling my band (str8jacket)

OK, so its official. I suck at modeling realistic looking characters, yet I am good at animating. I am looking for an artist to model 4 cartoonish, yet realistic, (like mancandy) characters for my band str8jacket. we are trying to make animated music videos for our songs, but i just cant get the rigs and human models right. I am not asking for someone to do this for free. I am willing to pay 20-50 dollars per model (fully rigged) and can supply a limited amount of pictures for reference. Im not good enough to model humans, but hope to make a DVD of our videos to release on the the net. Of curse whomever takes the task of modeling these characters will be credited for all work that they do. The only thing i ask is that they perform like mancandy. also it does not have to be just one person modeling these characters, i would be happy to split them up so everyone could get a chance to work on these and earn a little cash for their hard work! if interested, please email me at: [email protected]

I can do work for you.
I have rigged lot of models. You can see My Robo Girl, Frogsu

that would be greatly appreciated. as you can see by my avatar (its a model of me) im not that great, especially with hair. ive got all the scripts written for our album, just need to blend! if you would like i will send you some pics of the band members to you.