Modeling my entire computer

Well, I decided to model my computer as practice. I’m almost done with the MB, RAM, Processor and HSF. I’m working on video card currently as well. Everything was modeled in Blender with the exception to a piece of the Arctic Cooler 64 pro which was done in MOI.

Here’s a WIP rendered with Lux Render.

Thanks for looking,


Looks good so far. Are you going for photo realisim?

are there textures on the mboard?
looks great even for luxrender

I am going for photorealism…to a point. The motherboard is textured with one large image of the actual motherboard. I’m then modeling just enough of the other stuff to look realistic. Again, this will be in a case with a side window, so it won’t be really that visible in the final render.

Also,there was no post pro on the image. Just straight out of Lux.

Nice render ! How long did it take ? Luxrender is really slow to me and I don’t use it for that reason.

I rendered it for 7 hours on an AMD Phenom II 920. It’s slow, but the light groups feature makes it worth it completely. I made a video for the MOI3D community to show how to use Blender and Lux Render.

This might give you an idea of how AWESOME the light groups feature is. I set up four lights (left, right, top and the blue LED on the fan) and can adjust their color and intensity at any time during the render. I saved the Lux file as a “Film” and can re-open the file and start re-rendering where I left off or do any of the other post-processing and light adjustments without rerendering the whole thing from the beginning. I typically do a few test renders with Lux just to make sure the textures and materials look right and then let it cook overnight.

wow, very usefull.

Thanks for that tut. I will def. look into it.

Here’s an update with my Radeon HD4850 added. I made a custom HSF sticker with Luxrender branding based on a picture of ATI’s Ruby. I have to finish up the Capacitors and the DVI connections and some other small details. Then it’s on to the case and power supply.

Rendered in Lux Render for 1 hour 21 minutes.

That is so neat. Glad that you have reference so close. I bet some of the computer dealers out there are looking on in envy.