Modeling my real life house

Well the day has come when I decided to model my house in 3D, why you ask…who the hell knows, but it sure is a fun project to work on.

So im asking any good professional house modelers (or anyone interested) to give me any tips on the progress as I go along, it will be really helpfull as this is a really big task I am taking on without much experience.

I know it doesnt look like much right now just a few extrusions, but I thought I will post it as a WIP shortly after birth.

will keep posted every half day or so. and please leave comments along the way, but try not to be too negative as I am aware that this is a daunting task for me :slight_smile: great tutorial for building a house.

Update on the progress, yes it looked quite un-appealing, but here is an update

btw the camera is situated outside the house, so it is the outside I have started modeling first ( well basicaly)

also I will post some reference pictures using my camera, from the same views as the shots in blender so you guys can get some kind of perspective

right well no comments or anything so far, which is pretty sad, alas

still a very “rough draft” Id say theres still about a couple of weeks left on and off.

please! anyone comment :slight_smile: