Modeling my room (beginner)

So i’ve been using Blender for a long time, but only recently have I really tried getting serious with it and learn more about it. I thought I would start off with something easy, so I started modeling my entire room. Everything so far is perfectly to scale and I am really pleased with the way it looks so far, but im really going for photo-realism and could use alot of advice, im not so good with lighting and textures yet… so please help :smiley:

oh by the way, the TV and bed are obviously not finished… those are just placeholders until I get to that part.

Heres a closer look at the computer desk and the file cabinet

Everything you have done so far looks really good. The blinds could use a little more detail though. Not much, but what about the string or plastic cord that hangs down so you can adjust the angle of the blinds. The only thing I don’t know what is is the box with the three white holes next to the galss table? Is that a speaker for a stereo or what?

Other than that I say keep it up! I love the door and the carpet. Both look very well done.


That’s a wine rack silly. Nice job so far. I think the only thing to work would be some nice lighting. The light coming in through the window looks nice, but the rest of the light in the room appears to be coming out of nowhere in the corner of the room. Keep it up!

That’s a wine rack silly.

Are you sure thats a wine rack? I know the thing sitting on top of the fridge to the right of the table is a wine rack but i can’t see a wine rack in the other box to the left of the table in the second picture. Besides why would you have 2 wine racks in your room unless you REALLY like wine?

That looks like a pretty convincing IKEA-style file cabinet to me. (maybe he has wine in there :slight_smile: The lighting from outside looks good but I can’t tell where is the other light source.
From an artisitic standpoint all the shapes are either a circle or square which is a little suspicious. You need something to break that up. A piece of half-eaten pizza? Glass of beer?

pre911 was right, its my file cabinet… i put a link up above the two main pictures to a detailed render of my desk and file cabinet. Yea, im not very happy with the lighting yet… still needs alot of work in that department… in my opinion