Modeling Myself - Where to Start?

Basically as said above.

I’m trying to make a model of myself (as realistic as possible), rig an animate this to make a vlog-ish video (so emphasis on face, hands and upper body details). Where do I start? Is there a particular way you need to model the character so you can rig and animate the model so that it can speak?

Any help appreciated.

After those and some simple models that use subdivision surface, could try simpler characters, maybe some of these

Definitely. Not only does the structure have to control subdivisions to get forms the reference has (likeness), but it also has to control it for forms it will have with deformation. You can predict those forms by looking at anatomy references: skeleton reference for hard points/pivots/proportion; muscles for volume and proportion, movement direction and resulting (skin) forms when muscle groups work together to achieve different poses/expressions. Reference for expressions help, especially with the face since it has the most complex deforms and needs to preserve likeness.

Consider using a mirror or a camera to have a poseable reference.

Speaking is often simplified by combining common sounds in a language to groups (phonemes) that then map to expressions on the model (visemes). A viseme might be used for one or multiple phonemes.

Realistic materials/textures and lighting can be even more difficult to achieve but those combined with believable expressions might just get the model over the uncanny valley.

Firstly, thanks for the prompt reply :slight_smile:

Secondly, I’ve been looking through the playlist, and I saw this:

It’s the video for finding reference images. If I want to make a CG version of myself, should I take reference photos of myself, or is using online resources good enough?

P.S. Also, if I do have follow-up questions to replies, should I start a new thread or post a reply as I have done here? Thanks!

If you have a good camera with a long lens, could take photos. Taking the picture with camera somewhat far away minimizes the perspective distortion. But online resources and a mirror would probably be enough.

Might as well use this one. New replies bring it to the top of the subforum.

If you can draw a good likeness of yourself using a mirror, then some human “blueprints” showing basic proportions plus a mirror should be enough. Otherwise, take some photos. As JA12 said, position the camera as far from yourself as possible (you’ll need a helper to actually take the shots, the camera should be that far away), think opposites ends of a gymnasium… And a good telephoto lens, so you can actually see your features at that distance.

Perspective distortion is a bugger.

Anyway, JA12 mentioned the uncanny valley. That’s when a model is so good it doesn’t look like a cartoon, but not good enough to look real. Models in the uncanny valley generally give people the creeps, and they don’t know why. You might want to consider using a cartoon caricature of yourself, rather than a realistic model, for your v-blog.

Anyway, you can do a decent caricature using poly by poly modeling to a reference drawing. For a realistic model, you’ll probably want to learn sculpt and then retopologize the sculpture.

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Thanks everyone for the advice! Will post my progress in the WIP forums :slight_smile: