Modeling Newbie needs help

I’ve been learning Blender for some time now. I’ve gotten rather descent at hard surface modeling, square, round, things like a house, walkway the easier stuff. But the things that seem to keep stopping me in my tracks is the more rounded or wavy kind of surfaces like in the example pic’s below. More organic in nature and every time I try to tackle these kinds of projects I fail miserably.

I can’t seem to figure out how to start or how to mold the mesh the way I want, and every time I try to look for a YouTube tutorial, I can’t find exactly what I need. I usually get frustrated, angry and then just give up. Well I’m sick of giving up ( It never solves the problem ) If I can learn this stuff I’ll be able to do some amazing things. I really enjoy SyFy modeling.

Does anyone know what kind of modeling this is called, or know some YouTube tutorials that could help me out ? I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You.

Example (1) Example (2)

No need to get angry. Just go to youtube and search “blender spaceship modeling tutorial”

Tons of good stuff out there.

Here’s one that looked pretty cool to me.

do you want to copy or to create? it’s not clear

OK, I want to create. Or like create from SyFy also.

Yep - Been there done that. Your right, there’s ton’s of cool stuff. However if you look at the thumb in the video above, those ships are mechanical in design and I can do that stuff. I have even done my own rendition of a Star Trek vessel. ( Their Easy except Voyager ). However in the pics I posted, those kinds of modeling are harder because of the curved and molded surfaces. More organic in nature than mechanical or hard surface like. Boxes, cylinders, spheres and so on. I struggle with the organic modeling. That’s what I’m trying to learn. How to mold the mesh the way I want. I thought maybe car modeling might help, it didn’t. I botched that too.

it’s hard to give advices on how to get good ideas, but maybe try to get your inspiration from animals shape and particularly insects, I’m sure you it can help

Here are some architectural concepts that look like spaceships!

and some parametric modeling

yes, modern architecture as well, good idea

Start playing around with curves, shrink-wrapping, deform modifiers, etc. The shapes in those pics are not made with simpler methods.

I played around with a few curves for half an hour and got this:

I used the curve’s depth, tilt, and radius to manipulate the shapes.

It’s a good starting point if you want to copy that one ship or make something like it.

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Although its a car tut the same workflow can be used for a spaceship with curves and detail.

I did some looking and I think curves or maybe car modeling may be an option. I’m just going to have to play around with different techniques to learn what works for me.
I really like the loop tail Orville example. Love to know how you did it.
Thanks for the help everyone.

thats how I would go about brainstorming a crazy spaceship idea:

my latest spaceship design: