Modeling objects request

Hello blender community! I’m a 3d modeler who is looking to get better at modeling but it seems that maybe I’m not challenging myself enough. I was wondering could y’all give me random objects to model that you would like to see modeled. Hopefully this isn’t considered trolling because that’s not my intentions at all and thank you in advance for any references of objects or a characters that you provide me.

A wine glass
A teapot
A baseball and baseball glove
A T-rex

In that order.

Thankyou! I’ll get ready to jump on it now.

Thankyou! I’ll jump on it right now.

Open a WIP (work in progress thread) and post the link here. Show your test renders and wireframes for critique and we’ll tell you what’s working and what’s not.

I have found the best incentive to push yourself is doing something for someone else that is beyond your current skill levels. When I started with Blender I offered my services to several local non profits and churches. I told them I was happy to create 3d logos, lower thirds, backgrounds etc… Don’t offer your service for free. I generally charged them a gift card for a local restaurant (the value was their choice). Quite a few took me up on this offer and gave me projects and deadlines.

This works best when creating motion graphics rather than character animations as you will find a lot of places that welcome free graphics work. Another way is to join something like and underbid everyone. This will REALLY challenge you and you might make a little cash on the side doing it.

I’ma create that thread now

Thankyou for the idea! I’ve never really tried my hand at motion graphics but It really couldn’t hurt to see how that realm is.

I’ve open a thread on WIP, it will be live once they finished moderating it.