Modeling Objects with both interiors and exteriors

I’m fairly new to blender, and even newer to this site, so forgive me if I come off as inexperienced or unsure of how things work, I’ve been learning modeling for about two months now with the goal of eventually being able to create quality game assets.
A problem that I’ve looked into, though haven’t really tried myself yet, is modeling objects, such as houses, vehicles, spaceships, ETC, with interiors. Say I wanted to model a spaceship, but not just the exterior, but also things like rooms, the cockpit, the engines ETC inside the spaceship. What would be the best way, or even just a way in general, to pull off something like that.

I’m asking because I’ve had an idea, (albeit a stupidly-complex one) for a space-sim or some other game which would allow the player to walk around inside their spaceship or other vehicles, and seamlessly transition to and from them.

One thing you’ll want to make sure of is that your “interior” faces don’t have inverted normals. You can see what I mean pretty easily by making a cube and a smaller cube and using a Boolean modifier to cut the small cube out of the bigger one. If you go into Overlays, you’ll see an option for Face Orientation. Turn it on, and you’ll see that some of your faces are red now. Those faces won’t interact with light correctly, and texturing them will be almost impossible. You’ll to select those faces and Flip their normals (Mesh > Normals > Flip)

Yeah, I’m no master when it comes to face orientation, but I’ve definitely had my fair share of experience with red faces and I know the basics of fixing them.

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