Modeling Pipes and tubes

I was wondering what would be the best way to go about modeling a tube like one that gasoline would come out of into your car or anything like that. What I mean a tube with lots of curves in it and twist how would you model that?


an easy one:

1 - create a bezier curve, exit edit mode

2 - create a bezier circle, exit edit mode.

3 - select the first curve, press F9. find the field called BevObj. In that field, enter the name of the bezier circle

4 - voila - tube.

you can edit the curve, add points (CTRL+LMB), the tube will update after leaving edit mode. you can also edit the circle - scale it, or deform it’s shape.


this is really noobish of me I just never learned how to use curves :-|. But when I type the object name in and adjust the Ext1 and Ext2 I only get the top half of a tube Im assuming Im supposed to do something with the other curve or do I just leave it their the whole time.



Don’t worry, you’re not the first and you won’t be the last ;). I think about 5 people have asked this same thing in the last 2 weeks or so. If I recall, someone wanted a way to do string, another wanted a hose, someone wants a telephone cable and a couple of others.

You don’t need to adjust the ext numbers for the objects at all. I wasn’t even able to get a half tube like you said by adjusting them. If you need to change the way the curve looks, adjust the profile curve (the circle) or the curve that you extrude along.

Bev. objects are very usefull for these sort of things, and are real simple to use, but be sure any curves you make in the curve aren’t too sharp, otherwise you’ll get overlapping areas and tears.

still is not working for me when I type in the curves name nothing happens

You did add them as separate objects? If you add a curve, you have to go to objectmode before you add the profile. Do the following:

make sure you are in object mode and press space->add->curve->beziercurve
This has put you in editmode.

Now make the curve any shape and click the 3D button if you don’t want it planar.

Now got to objectmode and do space->add->curve->beziercircle
This has put you in the editmode for the circle. You can adjust this later.

Go to objectmode again and select the curve. Sometimes you can’t see them in objectmode so turning on wire in the object panel (F7) is a good idea. With the curve selected, type in the name of the circle in the BevOb field. By default, this is CurveCircle and it is case sensitive.

This should now make a pipe.

Oh thank you very much I got it now. I understood everything but I was entering the name of the curve into the BevOb with the curve selected.

Thanks again