Modeling Practice: Female Figure

Hi everyone, This is my first post here on Blender Artists. I’ve been browsing around the site for a while while playing with blender and finally decided to post something.

I’ve used 3Ds Max in the past so I have a bit of experience with 3D, but blenders a beast of a different color. I’m liking it so far though. Part of my interest is as a computer engineering student, I’d like to eventually play around with blenders source to see how it ticks and probably even contribute to the code base once I learn a bit more.

Anyways as you may have noticed from the title I’ve been working on creating a physically accurate Female Figure in blender as a way to practice some of the modeling techniques I’ve learned from various tutorials. I’d also like to improve my understanding of human anatomy. I used references for this one but I aspire to reach the point where I don’t depend on them. I know how long that may take.

I still have to add the ears, I think I left them for last because I have no Idea how I’m going to tackle them, I’ll probably give it a go as soon as I get time.

Let me know what you think, how I can improve the topology or just the overall accuracy of the anatomy. Thanks.


Pretty nice job m8, I am a noob myself. Things that you should work on:arms are too thik especially at the start, fingers are too short, the torso looks a bit weird - maybe try moving the ribs up? I’d work on the body first and than go on with improving the face. Everything I said are just suggestion (i might be wrong). Good luck :wink:

The mesh appears to be quite dense. i would reccomend using the retopo tool to sculpt a lower poly version, using that one as a form on which to sculpt it. At the present density, it can be very hard to make adjustments, as well as keep things smooth and neat. I am actually in the process of doing this right now, with an old mesh that I felt was too high poly.

Nice work… in my opinion.

Thanks for the suggestions. I just went through trying to implement the changes suggested in your comments involving the ribs,arms and, fingers.

I probably should have stated that I’m using subsurf, theres some pics included with subsurf disabled on the wireframe, I think the head may still be too dense though?



you need to lengthen her arms, make her hands bigger, and shorten her abdomen area, plus add some deltoids.

It’s not so much the density of the head, as the griddyness, the area between the eyes and mouth, especially. And, probably, the side of the head. The nose and mouth should be enclosed by loops (imagine an animal’s muzzle, but with a shorter nose) and the loops around the eyes should extend until they reach the muzzle loops. You want a loop going around the whole face, which follows the jaw line underneath the chin and crosses the forehead above the brow (generally runs along the hairline), and the back of the skull edges should rotate about the ear hole (which gives you a nice place to attach the ear, with a lot of vertices, since it winds up the center of rotation for all the skull edges.)

This isn’t perfect, but it should give you a better idea of what I’m talking about.

Welcome to Blender Artists:D

I’ve lengthened her arms, made her hands bigger, and shortened her abdomen, I’ve done my best to define the deltoids but I’m not sure if its quite there yet, thanks for the crits. Seems to look a good bit better now.

Thanks for the great tips regarding the head, I’ve started redoing it from scratch based on the topology you suggested, what I have so far is included. More to come.