Modeling Practice

So I’ve gotten really discouraged about modeling in the past but I think I’m starting to get the hang of it. One part of my problem I think is my love of photorealistic works. It’s hard for me to just go at a project when I think it really won’t look that spectacular. I sit in class all day and think of things I can make, sketching, etc.

I spent some time over the past few hours working on an electrical outlet. It’s super lame, but it was something I thought I could do that would be challenging enough to help further my modeling abilities.

Note that so far the only real attention I’ve given is to the model itself. Rough lighting and materials have been applied to the outlet. I think that I’ll put some time in to learning lighting and materials/texturing over the next couple days to see what else I can do with this.

The only place I ran into more trouble than I was expecting was the faceplate’s screw. I kind of approximated the curves surrounding the flathead notch. I think it turned out pretty evenly round though.

Let me know what you think, what’s good, and what could use any changes. Also if you have any ideas for some use of this model in a simple scene then let me know. I’ve got some ideas but I’d like to hear yours too!

Here’s the render as of now, if you want to see any of the geometry/wires let me know and I’ll post em.


Wires would be nice, but it looks pretty photo-realistic, for the most part anyway. Cant wait to see how it looks with textures.

Here’s some wires. The circular one is a detail of the screw’s topography.