Modeling Problem

Hello, I am having a big problem trying to make smooth just the parts selected in this model, everything else in gray I need to be the way it is now. Is there a way to do this, or do I have to start over but use a different method to model?
Plz help!

The current stable blender doesn’t have smoothing groups however the CVS at has the edge split modifier which will do what you wish. Using the current version you would have to add more edge loops to define the sharper edges although you can select one group (area) at a time and use the set smooth button – if two smoothed areas touch there will be no crease.


Thanks for your fast repli, I will try and do what you said.

WIth that faces selected press “Y”. Now still in editmode go to F9 and press “Set smooth”.

Well, I tried all that guys said, but I ended up Subsurf it, because I couldn’t get better results from the methods you mentioned.
Also, I downloaded the test build, unizped it and clicked the Blender.exe it started up Blender, but I couldn’t find the edge split modifier.