Modeling problem

Hi everyone.

First of all, please excuse me for my poor english.

I’m new to blender (and to 3D modeling in general). I’m trying to model a Dragon Sculpture. I’ve got a trouble with this. I think that this problem comes from an abusive use of the “Subdivide” fonction in order to create vertices and faces to model. Here’s the actual problem. As you can see, this result in the multiplication of many faces with different shades of grey… How can I fix it? How can I improve my modeling?

For starters, I’d try removing duplicate vertices. Select all vertices (A), hit W, and “Remove doubles” in the pop-up menu.
Next, general advice: if you’re going to model complex shapes like this by hand (i’m assuming it’s the head you’re making?) never start detailing until you’ve got the general shape. All those additional (and dense) edge loops will not only make your modeling harder, but also will bring forth problems if and when you add Subdivision Surface modifier.

Not trying to discourage you, but you should consider starting with something far, far simpler for your first model. You dove into the deep end of the pool. :slight_smile:

I tried to remove double vertices : But no double were found… The I tried to applied subdivision surface and to clean my model using loop cuts… And now I’m discouraged… ^^

For this competition, I will try something more geometric to make it easier… I’ll try real modeling stuff later on a simplier model I guess…