Modeling problem


Why i have this dark blue color on my bus model?
i dont have any materials


Half of the faces point “opposite” direction compared to other half.
In Edit mode - select all and Ctrl-N recalculate normals.

another problem
Why i have those lines


I am not sure did you meant that i need to add my .blend file. But here it is


Volvo 7700.blend (801 KB)


I understood my 1. problem where it had that lines. And now its fixed.
2. problem i am pretty noob in blender so i didnt understood how i can fix it. And well i didnt really understood that problem what you meant with it, sorry :frowning:
3. is there other way to delete those vertices which dont connect anything

and one more next time i will add .blend file
and is it possible that somebody or you will solve that mesh problem and clean them so there is not so many faces or vertices or something

And thanks for your help

It’s one of the non-manifold mesh errors. Nothing Blender specific either, here is the same explained on Autodesk Maya user guide


Top and bottom are the same but top is the inside view and bottom shows partially transparent wireframe. From left to right:

  • The default cube. It has outside surface defined and this would mean it’s a solid object. To compare, a coffee cup would have just the outside surface, it’s the shape that holds the liquid, not because it’s hollow. The cup itself is made of solid material.
  • The default cube with another inside it. This has outside surface defined (green) and a inside surface (blue). This is a hollow object. There are no holes, the object is solid between the green and blue surfaces
  • Then the error. This is same as the default cube in that is has the outside surface, but it also has a face connected through the middle (red). It’s not a outside surface and it’s not a inside surface. There are no objects that would have its outside surface connected to itself through the solid (***).

What you want to do is to find and remove faces that connect like that. Ctrl+alt+shift+M (or select menu -> non-manifold) is a good start that points out problem areas. Select menu -> interior faces also help but it won’t find all of them. Because you can’t have an edge that has more than two faces connected, could also use that to find them: edge select mode, select one edge that has 3 faces connected and then shift+G -> amount of faces around an edge.

*** except in quantum mechanics