Modeling project (money to be made)

Hi, I’m the admin at, we are responsible for creating EOAA GT which people are saying is the best GT mod for rFactor in terms of physics. The only problem with the mod is that it requires DVD verification during install which hinders it’s popularity. So we want to create a new mod with our own models so that no DVD verification is required.

What we need is someone who can create models from 2D plans. This will take quite some time to complete and work will be on-going, obviously - the better the mod the more people will want it, so updates would increase the number of people downloading the mod. The game in question is rFactor and to begin with we’re going to start with only 1 model. It will be a fantasy car, something between a F1 car and a GT car, about 900kg with 600hp and high downforce.

We plan on selling the mod through our website for only a couple of quid. EOAA GT has been downloaded more than 20,000 times over the course of about a year so this could be a nice little earner for someone; you will receive 30% of whatever is sold.

rFactor2 is soon going to be released, probably before 2010 ends. There will be very few mods available when it’s released therefore the sooner a mod is made the more popular it will be. We want to get started on this project now and build a mod for rFactor1, it will be easy to convert mods to rFactor2.

If you’re interested in this, please send an email to [email protected] and include either links to or images of models you’ve created already. This is a serious project for someone who can spend a few hours every week working on models. You won’t be expected to do anything except create models, we’ll be responsible for getting the model into the game. Also you will have access to orders made through the website so that you can see for yourself how many times the mod has been downloaded.