modeling projectile motion, is it possible?

Hello everyone,
I am a new member here, and a new user of blender as well. I have a project to do, but I am not sure whether blender is the right software to use.

I need to simulate a projectile motion in a 3-dimentional space. I also have to allow the user to input the initial velocity and angle, and then press a button that will start the animation and show some values like the final velocity and distance from the origin, etc.
Is this possible using blender? if yes, where should I start and what should I learn to do that?

Thank you in advance …

It will be easy to setup using the BLender game engine, since it can provide realtime feedback on screen and has a built-in physics engine.

You’ll need to learn the basics of the blender game engine and a bit of python scripting (to accept user input, measure distance betwee two objects). google for tutorials and use the to look up stuff.

Oh and welcome to the community :smiley:

Go to the scripts menu and then animation>trajectory

see if that’s what your looking for…never have used it myself.

Wow! okay I will start learning now, I hope I will be able to finish it in 8 days. Am I too optimistic?? :smiley: Thanks a lot mpan3, I was about to switch to another software.

Unimatrix. Thank you, I will try that once I learn something :slight_smile:


yep, i agree with mpan3…oh-yeah, moonlight? blender is the BEST all-around 3d software bearing the GPL public licence…so if i was you…i would’nt even think of trading blender for ANY other free 3d software…but that’s just my opinion…:wink:

ya it seems that will be my opinion as well… I started learning already, its really fun!!! :slight_smile:

You probably want to start with the Introduction to the Game Engine. Mal starts with the Blender interface, and goes into the basic blender stuff before he gives an overview of game making. It will probably take you four to eight hours to work through the whole thing, then you can build your simulation.

I’d suggest using arrow keys to input the values for angle and initial velocity. Left arrow switches to an angle measure, up and down arrows raise or lower the angle; right arrow switches to a velocity measure, up and down arrows raise or lower the velocity. You can probably get the whole thing done without having to learn any python, just with a creative use of the built-in sensors, controllers and actuators.

Orinoco… thank you, I went through the tutorial, it’s very easy. but I think I will need to learn something else because I dont just want to increase/decrease the velocity and angle, I want to display the values and do some calculations… is it possible using only sensors and controllers??

I believe I saw some tutorials on displaying timers and text, but I think it requires Python programming. I’m pretty sure doing calculations would also require programming, that doesn’t sound like the kind of thing logic bricks would be set up to do. Social has a Beginning Python Tutorial and a lot of posts in the Game Engine forum, do a “search this forum” with Social as keyword.