Modeling question refering to selections?

ok what i am trying to create is this grainy line effect. yeah iknow this picture is a lil small… but most if it is smooth… then it has a lined grip… im trying to model this buttt…

see how i have selected every 2nd line, this is what i was going to do and then just scale them out. is there a quick way to selected every 2nd line or do i just have to sit there and select them…??

or is there an easier way to model it…
any help would be greatly appreciated…

'Allo 'allo.

The way I’d go about making that selection is to select all of them then paint-brush (B-key twice) de-select(middle MB) the ones I didn’t want. That would allow you to be pretty quick and imprecise. As long as the brush size is right (roll the wheel) you can select something like that in a moment or three.

As for the pattern, it’s known as Knurling - i.e the punch has a knurled end.
I recall seeing a post on modeling the knurling just the other day here at BA. I forget the exact gist, though from memory most were advising the use of bump maps, though a modeled approach was taken in the end.

If I happen across the thread I’ll edit this.


thanks heaps man… i searched for it… and found out how to use it…


No worries mate, it’s a pleasure.

Managed to find the thread I was thinking about.
Perhaps you’ll enjoy what you find within…

How to make a knurled texture