Modeling questions

I have a custom-rotated face (not parallel with the top, front or side view).

  1. how its possible to extrude an edge along the face’s plane (parallel and complanar with the face);

  2. how its possible to move an interior face, complanar with a big face?

Thank you very much,

Criss! I strongly reccomend getting the latest CVS testing build. It has Widgets which make everything so much easier. A widget is little graphic that pops up when you select something and shows all the axis. You can then select which axis you want to move on the widget and it moves the thing you have selected for you. This makes where you’re moving something very clear and is especially helpful when you have objects that aren’t always perfectly aligned with the grid - or you’re moving things in ortho view.

Find it in this forum, look at the sticky’s to get the latest. I use BF blender for windows.

Testing Builds

Thank you very much, Enzoblue, I will check it! :slight_smile:

Widgets will be included in Blender 2.37?

I have one more question: how can I move a face along his perpendicular axis? (It is possible without Widgets?) And along same face-plane?
Not along x, y or z axis.

I found the shortcut shift-V (in edit mode, align view to selected vertices) quite helpful recently. It should help you to achive what you want:

Select the face you want to move and press shift-V. You will get a menu where you can select top, side, or front. I think most useful is top, as you can move vertices parallel to the face that way. With side or front you could also move along the normal (or at least in the same plane as the normal), but you can’t constrain it like with the x/y/z axis (or I haven’t found yet how to do it).

But those widgets sound like a great idea - I’ll have to try one of those testing builds, I guess.
Blender is already great now, but - from what I’ve read here in the forums - the next release seams to be a big step forward. :smiley:

Thanks, niebie, Shift-V is, indeed, very useful. But, after, I need a constrain to move only in one direction… :frowning:

K, what you have to do is get it to move along the local axis and not the global.

So select your face, hit G, then X twice to move along the local x axis. You can just hit xx, yy, and zz while still in grab mode 'till you find the right axis.

Edit: This doesn’t always work either, grr. I do know that when you extrude and go to region you get put into grab mode and that’s always constrained along the normal by default now.

WOW!!! Thanks, Enzoblue!!! I don’t knowed the xx, yy, zz trick!