Modeling Ramp and water

Hello, im new at blender and i dont know how to get this done :no:

I have to model this ramp, but i dont know how to get those curves, i tried handly by moving each block, but didnt look good because de innerside of the ramp was not ‘real’, anyone can give me a hand on this?

Also i have a problem with the water, putting water inside this cylinder,like this picture shows:

i would appreciate any ideas, thanks!

does the water have to move/react?

it doesnt, it isnt animation, just a 3d model to take some screenshots =( and im using cycles ( dont know if theres a difference )

What troubles are you having with the ramp ?
Upload a .Blend and tell us a bit more.

For the water you can use a displacement modifier
-Create a texture (Cloud for this task)
-Add a displacement modifier
-Play around with the settings and add a SS for better results.
Note : Make sure your mesh is Sud-Divided.

Hey wentzel, thanks for the tip i will work on it, the ramp im having problems ‘‘elevating’’ the ramp, i dont know how to get the edge where the red arrow is poiting and push up to make the second ramp as the picture shows and not plain as mine is =|

I would give curves a try.
Just make your curves and add a bevel curve!