Modeling references

hi, Do you know where i can find good modelling reference photos for male, female body, with fornt and side view, with hi res. so that i can use it for modelling practices. I am confortable with modeling machines, items used in our homes etc., Now i want to try human modelling.


Few links here:

Nudity inside. - free references, but the quality is lov. - one of the best, but you must pay. - great quality, but you must pay. - on teh bottom of the site, you got Front and Side photo of woman’s face and good tutorial as well.


thanks, i went to these sites.nice references… any site with hi res for free.
I will try these. bye

Also a god site is Lots of images of casrs, as well as people.

See also here - the pictures are with good quality:

Wow. What a great site. Thanks for sharing it.


Thanks for give me the links of these site. Great sites. Thanks once again. bye