Modeling scale

Hi all,

I’m new to blender.
When modeling, are there rules about the scale of objects. I don’t speak about relative scale between objects but about absolute (general) scale.

I had modeled an object added a spot lamp, a floor, a camera. There were no shadows. I tried adjusting clip start and clip end. Still no shadows.
I just scaled down everything and there were shadows.

So I’m wondering if there is a rule concerning scale of objects.


On the Render settings tab (F10) do you have the shdaows button depressed before rendering. Also, the lights causing the shadows must have the shadow button pressed on each of them on the light settings (F5) tab. Hope this helps.

Welcome to Blender. :smiley:

check out the distance button - this also affects map-shadows

Usually spot shadows will work is you crank the shadow buffer to max. size, increase samples to 16 and put bias at the lowest amount possible. (well, that’s how I do it)

There shouldn’t be any absolute scale in blender. If you select everything and scale it to twice the size, and double the clipstarts, clipends and the “dist” value of the lights then the render should (in theory) be identical.

Thanks to all.
Seems I have missed the distance parameter.

So there is no absolute scale in Blender. That’s what I thought but I was not shure.

Thanks again.