Modeling School and Classes?

I’m looking for an inexpensive modeling school, preferably online, and I’m having some trouble finding one. I would like to ask if there is an online school or classes on modeling organic and inorganic meshes. And not just polygon modeling, but also sculpting. It would be a great help if you guys could name a few.

inexpensive school online? forget those.

Use tutorials and communities like CGTALK to get quality feedback.

The rest would be a wast of money. When you have skills and a portfolio build up
you can go to a portfolio school to beef up your work.

At that point the feedback will be helpful since you have the tools to improve.
But to spend money on getting taught how to model a soda can or sculpting
would be a wast.

I can recommend you looking for gnomon or better digital tutor CDs.
They offer many CDs with different objects they build in Maya to Modo.
Those can be applied to Blender easily.


If your looking for a blender school check out Blenducation has a few free courses(I believe) but you can also pay for more advanced ones…