Modeling Sculpted Primatives(Sculpties) for Second Life with Blender.

I did not know where exactly to put this question so I choose thie modeling forum.
I have been reading online tutorials on how to make sculpted primatives (sculpties) for second life. The two best ones I have read were at:

And here:

If you will read both of these you see that the basic procedure is to model an object, then make a uv map of that object and fit it in the uv/image editor window as a perfect square of uvs. Then apply red,green,and blue colors to each axis of that uv map and save it as a targa file.
Now here is my question.
Often when you have and object in blender it is not a perfect sphere,cube,cylinder,or cone. When you unwrap these types of object(say for instance some type of human or animal character mesh) it does not unwrap as a perfect square grid of UV vertices in the UV/Image window. And the standard from sphere,from cube, from image e.t.c unwrapping will not work. What does one do in those cases?

Thanks in advance

Hi! as an intro on these forums (my first post)… having bounced around several second life forums I think I can help;)

There are 2 ways to look at this problem,

the first is that you can unwrap a basic ‘primitive’ template model first before you edit it away from its default shape. the best shapes are a sphere with the poles removed or a plane (grid). This way you can go to town with edit or sculpt tools (without extruding or add/removing vertices) and the UV remains intact.

the second way is to unwrap while experimenting with the unwrapping methods untill you get the best possible then painstakinly pull your UV’s out to fit the square, and with no holes. Remember SL is more interested in the way the RGB values are created than the UV’s themselves in Blender. This is possible but difficult, the downside is uneven quads may cause texture distortions when it comes to importing a baked skin for the sculpted prim.

-hope this helps

Well it helped but not much. What do you mean by “painstakinly pull your UV’s out to fit the square” That was the very crux of my question. If you have and irregular shape that you have made in blender. No matter what types of seams you use you are still NOT going to have a perfectly rectangular grid that fills the uv square in the uv/image windwo.

Here is a video from Domino in SL forums which describes the process I followed:


He also has some scripts to help with the planar unwrap.

also… The end result UV map doesn’t have to be a perfect grid, it just has to fill the square.

I have tried the method with some sucess but it becomes a time vs production issue.

For now I am just accepting having to starting with a base shape, and using lattices and sculpt mode for the mesh editing. I can quickly make the shapes I need then import and re-assemble in SL.

It may not be the most elegant way, but It gets the job done for me. I would love to see some kind of direct mesh importing into SL… it may happen :wink:

Thanks I will give it a shot. Ultimately I would like to make things that I could sell in SL for $L that I can then converst to $USD. What I am thinking about first is some custom avatars made from sculpties. What you can do with the avatar tool in SL is really limited from what I see.

Take care and thanks.