modeling/scuplting effecting both sides

i think this is a simple enough question, and i hope this question wasn’t already asked recently

when i look up tutorials for modeling and sculpting i notice when people edit their object it takes effect on both sides, example, you make a horn on one side and it does the exact same thing on the other side, how do you do this? here’s a picture…

Add a mirror modifier, but don’t apply it (until you are 100% complete). You may have to tweak the settings - it will ask which axis to mirror, and the offset, I believe. Pretty straightforward, once you learn it.

Mirror mod tut:

While in sculpt mode, in the sculpt properties panel there is a panel called Symmetry. Just select on which axis you want your sculpting to be mirrored.


I always forget about that one. So, use a mirror mod if you are not sculpting, and the Symmetry technique if you are.

you can also use x-mirror in editing

ah, thanks so much!

So, are there three different methods?

I am using 2.57 at the moment (now downloading 2.57b). I found that the mirror modifier wouldn’t work with sculpt. I was wondering how to make symmetrical changes in edit mode. I selected x-mirror, but that resulted in some very funky things happening that messed up parts of my mesh. Points from the same side I was working on, in another part of the model that shouldn’t have been affected, would become dragged way out into left field until I noticed it. I had also selected Mirror Topology because I thought that’s what I wanted to do. Possibly this might have been caused by a point order glitch due to my model not being exactly symmetrical. Eventually I decided to select one half and delete it and use the mirror modifier.

While not being completely certain of this, I’m pretty sure that while editing, most if not all modeling programs ask you to delete half of your model when using the mirror option.

Well, when using the mirror modifier, that’s probably true, but just using symmetry it shouldn’t be necessary. Working on something today I noticed that some of modeling in edit mode was properly duplicated on the other side, but at some point it failed. I selected some polygons on one side and extruded, but it didn’t happen on the other side. Symmetry seems to work in sculpt mode though.

Sounds like your model was not perfectly symetrical.

It started out symmetrical, but at some point lost it.