modeling sheet anyone ?

I need an artist to help draw up a fewfantasy animals id like to use them as reference for modeling unfortunately im real bad at drawing.

Is anyone able to help ?

I’d like to make a suggestion, if I may. You are more likely to get responses if you include some sort of description of the animals that you have in mind. simply saying “fantasy animal” doesn’t give people much to go off of, unless of course there’s someone out there that has a lot of experience creating fantasy animals :wink:

For example, you could say you want a large wolf-like animal with 2 heads. Obviously it doesn’t have to have 2 heads but you get the idea: be a little more descriptive. Anyway I hope you find someone to help you, and happy blending! :slight_smile:

i have basic drawings to build on andreferences for what i need but i see your point.

i need aninsect like creature with an exoskeleton, 4 limbs and large extendedmandibles similar to the starship troopers beast. However the designisn’t strict in anyway. I’m looking for a wide variety of animalsin general and anything I model I will always let others use.

pay offered, based on quality

paid via papal, when desired work completed.

I’d be quite happy to volunteer. If you have references and/or drawings of the sort of things that you would like, I shouldn’t have a problem. Like fpsgod17 said, what you’re asking is a little vague to go from.
How many different designs are you looking for?

yes i have a few references for the main creature, i want maybe 2-3 different variant of the same creature. im more than happy to sent the references to anyone who would be happy to do the work.

Well, by all means, send them through. I’ll take a look at them and see what I can do. If it’s only two or three then it shouldn’t be a burden.