Modeling skin

I kinda wonder what are the solutions for modeling skin on creatures, when skin becomes complex.
Mostly skin follows the volume of the body but not always.
Eyelids, and folds and cheeks, (cheeks of dogs for example), there skin folds and stretches isnt connected to the bones its hanging somewhat loose. (behaving alike blender clothes would).

I kinda feel something is missing to do such kind of skin in Blender, or does someone knows ways to emulate this (without shapekeys, because they are to static and since they go from shape A to shape B, there is not much (cloth alike) behavior inbetween A and B.

So how to make realistic ‘free’ moving skin ?

You can use softbodys with vertex groups on your mesh to determine which parts will be more “slidy”.

I think this currently is kind of a problem in blender skin is not always attached sometimes it’s sliding on top of a body. Sometimes it stretches I think we kind off need a new modifier, closely related to cloth but with a few modifications. So it could handle a (fat) underlayer and go smooth blended transitions instead of pins for areas where it is not required.
Maybe post it on right click select.