Modeling something large


How do I go about modeling something really large, say a 3km sphere? Or a 7km space ship? Or a planet?

Blender can’t scale things up that much, so I can’t use a 1:1 scale for the models. How do you do it?

How do I set the camera to give the impression you’re standing inside of a 3km sphere so the far side looks like Google Maps?


Scale everything to 0.1 or 0.01 and/or set the Camera’s Lens Value to something more appropriate.


What I want to achieve is a kind of architectural effect, i.e. how would it look if you would be standing in a 3km sphere without faking it like some of the planet tutorials (ok, the textures on the far side will have little detail ;))

Can I achieve this by scaling everything by 0.001 including the camera or is the relation more complicated?

Is there a simple way to calibrate the display to what a naked eye would see?

Though you can do it that way, I would say it comes more from the relationship of how you postion the camera and objects around the large object.

Things will look bigger if the camera points up at them instead of straight on or down. Also providing a background with obvious reference objects to tell the size difference is nice.

For instance, a 3 km tall building might have 1 or two meter sized trees around it, so you need to show that relationship.

Also when Fligh says to change the camera value that adds to the scale of the scene. By reducing the lens value a lot you can achieve a massive look, though it will be a little distorted, just because of the rules of perspective.