Modeling Statues

Hello again! I would like to know how i could model a stone statue. how would i do this? i am trying to model a statue of monk. any help is appreciated! thanks :slight_smile:

since it won’t be rigged and animated, i am assuming, sculpting would probably be the thing.

First model a monk, then apply a stone material texture.

Monks are people, right? Find a tutorial on modeling a male human being, and use that. Once you have a naked male, throw some loose monk like clothing on him using ‘cloth’. Join the cloth to the body, delete anything not visible from the outside, and you have a monk statue. Find a tutorial on materials, shaders and lighting, and put a material on your new statue, light it up and render.

Piece of cake. Monk’s cake. Have fun. :evilgrin:

Find some photo reference of monks and monk sculptures. It will help to give you an idea of what makes a stone sculpture look like stone versus flesh, such as hard edges.

if you have a 3D scanner
it might faster !

otherwise you can use dynamic sculpting!

happy bl