Modeling Taboo

Is it taboo to force two objects through each to cheat a connection? Should I try to find a way to connect them or does it not matter? If this is taboo why?

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No, you would likely find an object composed of multiple parts anyway, and any way you can correctly describe your object is fine, so long as you give yourself the ability to animate properly in the event that it is organic in nature.

Do pro’ s shove objects through to cheat connections, is it sloppy?

Depends on what you are trying to do - you can also look at using the snapping functions/retopolgy tools to create a new mesh from the ‘taboo’ intersected object.

Can you elaborate a little, please. :slight_smile:

Okay, say I make an object, then in edit mode I add a new primitive and intersect it to form a joined surface… but I want a nicely editable all quad topology, so what do I do? following this tutorial, you will see what your options are:

Thanks to MichaelW for putting that up :slight_smile:

Do pro’ s shove objects through to cheat connections, is it sloppy?

i would imagine that many pros take whatever shortcuts there are, even if they are sloppy or cheats :slight_smile:

if it looks good and serves the purpose, why make your life harder?

CG, art, making movies - it’s all smoke and mirrors

For non moving or mechanical objects, intersecting objects is often the best way to go. why? Because it is easier to get looking right. I got into a whole at the start of ALWAYS making things into one mesh. But it is harder, and serves no purpose, So I keap away from it now. Think of it this way, if yuo model a gun, why make the clip, the trigger part of the main object? It doesn’t make sense. Those parts will either intersect or be attached to the main model. Havin them intergrated is a waste of time (not to mention a pain when it comes to topology) and can look worse. For Organic model, it is often not a good idea to have extra pieces. It depends WHAT yuo are modelling.

i like your way of thinking wefyb

Hey thanks guys for the posts it definitely has given me a new perspective on the way I will model. I have another series of questions lets say I am modeling a handgun say colt 1911, because it’ s a awesome gun and it 100 years old :), would it be harder to texture and unwrap? Will there be issues will intersecting a bunch of objects? If I start intersecting: trigger, trigger guard, iron sights, and hammer right through the main mesh.


(P.S. this is a very friendly and helpful community)