Modeling technical question

Is there a method or a Modifier in Blender to create a volume from the vertical section? The technique called Radio Sweep Duplicate in Modo or Revolve in Maya. By doing this, I could modify the section to update the whole mesh procedurally.

Link shows the radio sweep method in Modo

Yes, Blender has this feature as well. There is a modifier called screw.

Alternatively, you can use the spin tool (Alt + R, or use the button on the left menu panel), however this applies the change directly to the geometry, so it is harder to edit later. The modifier is what you should use.

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You can also use curves with it.

And note that you can “Apply” the modifier, to make it “turn into a ‘real boy.’” In other words, you fiddle with the modifiers until you get them just right, then “apply” to get the corresponding permanent geometry.