modeling teeth and tong

I need to model the teeth and tongh for animation.
I need some help how to start with it.
Is there a tutorial.

Hi Antonvdh, you can model teeth as separate objects - just like the eyes, and then parent them to a bone on the main armature. The setup I use is like that of Captain Blender in Introducing Character Animation with Blender - well worth a study. I have a bone for the top teeth, another for the bottom row. The tongue is made up of 3 bones to allow for some wagging. The rigging is an art apart and there are many ways to achieve results.

As for the modeling of teeth - you can start with one tooth and then either with dupliverts or the spin function create a half circle of them. Tooth by tooth you could then adjust them to look how you choose. The gums can be another mesh they set into. [I’ve seen no tuorials on modeling this otherwise I’d have just linked to that.]

Potential animating problems: with extreme facial expressions teeth and gums can push through the face.

Comments on your mesh: For animating it might be more practical to begin with a more neutral expression and leave the expressions for later - with shape keys for example. If you begin with an extreme pose it can be hard work trying to get it to look ‘normal later’.

Your mesh has a lot of vertices which will eventually make it harder to control later. Try creating the same effect with less where possible. Another thing to try avoid is ‘poles’ in obvious places. A pole is where more than 4 faces join -this can lead to nasty deforms and strange effects with lighting. For example under the eyes you have 3 poles in a row.

Enjoy the challenge! Hope this helps…

When working on the inside of a mesh there are some handy tools you may not be aware of:

Hide (type h) will hide selected vertices (Shift+h will hide unselected vertices) so you can hide the face vertices while you work on the teeth. Alt+h unhides.

Alt+b will let you view a slice, so you can look at another angle and see how the teeth fit next to the lips. Alt+b undoes this operation.

If your teeth are a separate object, you can use Numpad / key to switch to local view (only the selected object.) Numpad / will get you back to global view.

patdog’s advice regarding the density of the mesh and your characters grin is good. Most model the mouth closed and form all expressions with shape keys. I’ve seen a couple of meshes with an open mouth, but it was not grinning, simply a partly open mouth, which got a shape key to close it.