modeling teeth and tong

I need to model the teeth and tongh for animation.
I need some help how to start with it.
can someone give me some advice.
Is there a tutorial.

Teeth have a couple of ways->

One way is to get references of real teeth and continue to model each one individually using box modeling / vert modeling and placing them manually.

Another method is to start with a circle, and delete half of it. From there shape into a skinnier ‘U’. You can then proceed to extrude it inwards and then upwards to give you a volume. From there its a process of making cuts and shaping your teeth. This method gives you a solid object, and is more suited for cartoony characters because its harder to get hyper realistic teeth.

Start with a sphere with small number of rings and loops. Then scale it to flatten it and chop off when end. Extrude this end and rotate it 90 degrees. Scale/shape/extrude to taste.

Note that I did not come up with these methods. They are paraphrased versions from Jason Osipa’s book, and there may be other (better/faster) methods. Sorry I don’t know a tutorial off the top of my head.

Do not need realistic teeth it is a cartoony character.
Maybe I can make the tongue form a UV sphere with about 12 segments and rings.
Do I have to attach the mouth (teeth) to the lips or how does this best work for later animation?

I am just a beginner sorry for the bad rendering but I made this yet so far.