modeling/texturer needed

Hi I am working on a short animation clip for my 2d game engine that i port on the blender 2.49 but i need some help. I still suck at modeling people and need some one to model the following images and texture them. You don’t have to go all high poly. 800-1000 poly is fine unless you want to do more. I am making a 2d side scrolling shooter which i am doing alone and i will also be animating the models for the short cut scenes. You will be credited, also you may be payed, I have yet to decide if the game will be free or for sale. (I am doing this for fun at the moment. but if it does go commercial half of the profits from this game will be donated to the blender_foundation for development and survival of Blender.


here are the images (they were drawn by for me and my game)