Modeling the U.S. Capitol Building

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Hello everyone,

This is a project I’ve been working on for several weeks now. It’s an accurate model of the U.S. Capitol Building. The poly-count is approx. 4 million. Modeled in Blender and rendered in Cycles.

Click images for better quality.

Thanks for looking :slight_smile:


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(Ryeath) #3


Awesome modeling skills. Can you show some details on the top of the pillars?

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More images…


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Thanks, Ryeath. I posted some wireframes to show the details in the pillars.

(deepsky) #7

More wireframes…


(Elsdon) #8

Wow, excellent modeling.

(tiger2011) #9

great work

(deepsky) #10

@Elsdon @tiger2011 Thank you!

(Sayan_Mondal) #11

Great . Now render with some materials.

(iamcreasy) #12

Beautiful work! Great topology.

Have you modeled every part of the building separately then grouped them in? Otherwise it would be too hard to control a clean topology, right?

(Aaron Solo) #13

Gorgeous! What kind of blueprints, architectural drawings, photographys etcetera did you use? I guess tons of …

(TheMightyFozz) #14

Oh nice this should be featured, I would say it doesn’t need textures, looks finished how it is! (Perfect for architectural visualization)
I am thinking about modeling a Local building for my portfolio. “Oldway Mansion” it’s another Colonial style building with elements taken from the Palace Of Versailles. (I think modeling the Versailles would take the whole community months. :yes: )

Do you have any tips or techniques for modeling this kind of architecture? (Columns, how to find scale etc…)

(harleynut97) #15

Fantastic job on the modeling, It’s too nice of a model ,not to give strong consideration to texturing it.

I see your from the windy city… my old hometown.

(comeinandburn) #16

fantastic modeling skills!

(Skaldy) #17

Great model. Sensacional, goods details. All looks very well. Congrazt.

(michalis) #18

Modeling at its best!

(deepsky) #19

Yes, the entire model is made of about 60 individual objects and many of those are multiple meshes. It helps keep the topology clean and the polycount reasonable :slight_smile:

(deepsky) #20

Yep, I used a lot of photos for reference since quality blueprints are very difficult to find. This one from 1859 was extremely helpful: